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Dual Band Slim Patch Vehicle Cellular Antenna
Model # CA09P

Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ 3dB gain dual band cellular slim patch antenna combines versatility and convenience with a high performance antenna. A perfect 50 ohm match assures that the maximum signal is transmitted and received.

When using with our direct connect amplifiers, attach the slim patch antenna with the included 3M adhesive strip to the vehicle’s front windshield. The mini-UHF male connects to the amplifier’s cell antenna port.

When using with our PowerMax™ 4KMR-10A Mobile Repeater System, position the slim patch antenna in the center of the vehicle interior and connect the mini-UHF male connector to the repeater’s inside antenna port. Do not place the slim patch antenna on the windshield or a window when using with the 4KMR-10A repeater system.

  • Mount: 3M adhesive strip
  • Connector: Mini-UHF male
  • Cable Length: 10' of our high-quality RG174 cable

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