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How do I connect a DA-2330 Satellite Radio Splitter to two receivers?

Follow the instructions below to connect Digital Antenna's 233-XM-50 Satellite Radio Antenna to a DA-2330 Satellite Antenna Splitter and two receivers. The diagram shows the proper connections for one WxWorx receiver and one audio receiver. Two audio receivers may also be used with the splitter; this requires the purchase of additional adapters.


  • WxWorx receiver - SMA female connector
  • Audio receiver - Typically an SMB female connector (a separate adapter may be required)
  • 233-XM-50 Satellite Radio Antenna - Includes 50' cable with N male and mini-UHF female connectors, a mini-UHF male to SMA male adapter (connects to a WxWorx receiver), and a mini-UHF male to SMB male adapter (connects to an audio receiver)
  • DA-2330 Satellite Antenna Splitter - Features mini-UHF female connectors and includes a double mini-UHF male adapter

Connecting the Satellite Radio Antenna to the Satellite Antenna Splitter:
Using the 50' cable included with the Antenna, connect the N male end to the Antenna. Connect the mini-UHF female end to the Splitter's mini-UHF female connector port using the included double mini-UHF male adapter.

Connecting the two ports on the Satellite Antenna Splitter to a WxWorx or audio receiver:
Any of Digital Antenna's pre-assembled cables ending in extension 'FM' can be used (see list below), or a custom-made 50ohm cable terminating in mini-UHF female and mini-UHF male connectors can be ordered from one of our dealers.

Available pre-assembled Digital Antenna Cables with mini-UHF female and mini-UHF male connectors:

Connect the selected cable's mini-UHF male end to the Splitter port. Connect the appropriate adapter included with the Satellite Radio Antenna to the cable's mini-UHF female end. The cable is now ready to connect to a WxWorx or audio receiver.

Please Note: Digital Antenna offers standard cable lengths only. For custom cable lengths, a dealer or installer should be consulted. Also, the dealer or end user is responsible for determining the appropriate connector or adapter needed for the audio receiver.

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Created On: 05 May 2008 04:52 PM