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10-26-06 Press Release - New Marine Wireless Cell Boosters
Posted By: Joanne Johnson On: 30 Nov 2006 02:40 PM
Press Release: 10-26-06
Digital Antenna Introduces New Marine Wireless Cell Boosters

GO FURTHER with Digital Antenna's Award Winning PowerMax Cellular Repeaters

SUNRISE, FL. (October 23, 2006) - 'Get more bars' with Digital Antenna's wireless PowerMax 4KSBR-50M 70dB gain cellular repeater designed for larger boats and the 4KMR-30M 50dB gain cellular repeater for smaller vessels with enclosed cabins. Digital Antenna's new marine cell boosters improve cellular signals up to 30+ miles offshore. Both new wireless cell repeaters are dual band operating on 850 and 1900 MHz bands, boost cell phones and air cards to 3 watts, and improve transmit and receive signals. The result is clean and clear voice quality with maximum data throughput on all carriers (except Nextel). The higher gain 70dB system provides a larger enhanced inside coverage area and requires a 25' separation distance between antennas vs. 12' separation required for the 50dB gain system. All PowerMax cell phone boosters are FCC & IC approved to amplify all North American cell phone carriers.

"PowerMax cell boosters are very popular with boaters. Our engineering team was able to increase system gain while decreasing inside and outside antenna separation requirements allowing our wireless repeaters to be used on a larger variety of boats," quotes Joanne Johnson, Vice President of Operations. "In addition, both marine repeater systems include a stainless steel 1"-14 threaded mount and high gain inside directional antenna," Johnson adds. Sold as complete systems, packages include a 3 watt cellular repeater, 9dB directional inside panel antenna with 15' cable, 18" external 9dB cellular antenna with marine mount, low loss coaxial cable with attached connectors and a 12 VDC power converter. List prices are $799.95 for the 4KSBR-50M and $599.95 for the 4KMR-30M.

About Digital Antenna Inc.
Digital Antenna has been honored with several awards including the 2005 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) Innovations Award for PowerMax repeaters. Located in Sunrise, Florida, the company provides premium quality antennas, cellular amplifiers and repeaters to marine and land based markets worldwide. The company's continued dedication to developing innovative products includes introduction of the first dual band cellular amplifier and first dual band wireless cellular amplifier/repeater. All products are made in the USA. For additional information on Digital Antenna Inc. or product offerings, visit or call toll free 877-433-7007.