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Complete System: 4KPR-15R


A compact and simple solution to poor cellular reception inside condos, apartments, dorm rooms, homes and offices, the PowerMax™ 4KPR-15R wireless personal cell booster provides reliable and clear cell phone communication equivalent to the cellular signal strength available outside the building. A simple do-it-yourself installation (no tools required) allows this repeater system to be installed in any room with a window. The 4KPR-15R provides clean and clear voice quality and improved wireless air card performance.

DUAL BAND: Operates on 850 or 1900 MHz frequency bands (except Nextel or iDEN).

Industry Canada Authorization 4260A-DA4000SBR, Part Number DA4000MR.

Application: One room in a condominium, apartment, home, office or dorm room
(up to 2,500 sq. ft.)
Range/Performance: Wirelessly enhances signals of multiple cell phones in a room
Advantage: Simple do-it-yourself installation does not require tools or outside installation
Requirement: 10' separation between window antenna and repeater unit

4KPR-15R System Includes:

  • 3 watt dual band 50dB gain cellular repeater with built-in 9dB gain antenna
    (DA4000PR) *
  • Window mounted 9dB gain antenna ( 426-PW )
  • Window mount for 426-PW antenna (DM426)
  • 15’ of DA240 cable with attached connectors ( 240-15NM )
  • 110 VAC power supply ( DP255 )

* Not sold individually; only available as part of a system.

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