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Complete System: 4KSBR-50M


Get more bars with the most powerful repeater system on the market. Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ 4KSBR-50M 70dB gain wireless repeater system boosts the signal strength of your cell phones or wireless broadband cards to 3 watts, greatly improves transmit and receive signals and can be used in a variety of locations. This translates into fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and stronger signals inside your home, office, yacht, sailboat or RV. In addition, Digital Antenna’s cell boosters extend the life of your cell phone’s battery. Not for use in open console boats.

DUAL BAND: Operates on 850 or 1900 MHz frequency bands (except Nextel or iDEN).

Industry Canada Authorization 4260A-DA4000SBR, Part Number DA4000SBR.

Application: Multiple rooms in home, office, RV, large yacht or sailboat (not for use in open console boats)
Range/Performance: Enhances multiple cell phones up to 60‘ from inside antenna*
Advantage: Wirelessly amplifies up to 20 cell phones in multiple rooms
Requirement: 25’ separation plus a structure between inside and outside antennas

* Enhanced distance from inside antenna varies based upon outside cell signal strength. A weaker outside signal results in a smaller distance from inside antenna. For a larger enhanced inside coverage area, use ultra low loss cable and/or add a directional outside antenna (for fixed locations only). To use a cell booster, a usable cell signal must be present at the location of the outside antenna.

Installation Examples:

Home Installation Boat Installation RV Installation

HOME: Enhanced signal penetrates up to two interior walls with 70dB gain system.

BOAT: Internal antenna must be used inside. Enhances signals inside the cabin only.

RV: Directional inside antenna must face forward, away from external antenna.

See the data sheet (PDF) for larger images.

4KSBR-50M System Includes:

  • 3 watt dual band 70dB gain cellular repeater (DA4000SBR) *
  • 18” external 9dB gain omni-directional antenna ( 288-PW )
  • Internal 9 dB gain directional antenna ( 426-PW )
  • 50’ of DA340 cable for external antenna ( 340-50NM )
  • 15' of DA240 cable for internal antenna ( 240-15NM )
  • 1"–14 threaded mount ( DM194 )
  • 1"–14 threaded mounting ferrule ( F114 )
  • 12 VDC power converter ( DP515 )
  • 110 VAC power supply ( DP255 )

* Not sold individually; only available as part of a system.

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