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Cell Phone Adapter Cable

Cell Phone or Aircard Adapter Cable
(cable length not to scale)


Digital Antenna’s cellular adapter cables are a convenient 3' length. The attached mini-UHF male connector easily connects to our PowerLogic™ Amplifiers, Multi-Cell Phone Combiner or Dash-Mount Cable.

To find the appropriate cellular adapter cable, first locate the manufacturer of your phone or aircard in the alphabetical list below. Then, find the Digital Antenna adapter cable that corresponds with your specific cell phone or aircard model number.

DA97U Universal Inductive Coupler AdapterIf your model number is not listed, use Digital Antenna’s new DA97U universal inductive coupler adapter. This innovative adapter allows any cell phone or aircard to be used with a PowerMax™ direct connect amplifier. For best performance, however, always use the cellular adapter cable made specifically for your phone or aircard if available.

Digital Antenna's cellular adapter cable model numbers are shown in BOLD.

Audiovox / UT Starcom

DA23M: 8150, 8610, 8625, 8900, 8915, 8945, CDM 100, CDM 180, PPC6700, T300, XV6700
CDM 105, CDM 150, CDM 7000
DA40S: G'zOne Type-V, PC5750
DA45S: CDM 130, CDM 135, CDM 8100, PCX 1110
DA52S: PC3200, PC3220, PC5220
DA75S: PC3320
DA91A: 9100, 9150, 9155, 9500
DA94A: 4000, 5000, 9000
DA97U: 200, 6600, 7025, 7075, 7945, CDM 9900, GF275, GPRS748, GPRS799, F1000, F3000, PC5740
DA99S: CDM 2500, CDM 8200, CDM 8300, CDM 8500


DA23M: Identity


DA56N: 1100, 2200

Handspring / Palm

DA60H: Treo 600
DA65H: Treo 650, 700w and 700wx
DA70H: Treo 750, 755p
DA97U: Treo 680 and 700p


DA45S: SH-P300

HTC Faraday / Cingular

DA23M: 2100, 2125, 8100, 8125, 8525, Apache, Hermes, JasJam, Mogul, P4000, PPC6700, PPC6800, S620 (Dash, Excalibur), S621, TyTN , XV6700, XV6800

Kyocera / Qualcomm

DA20K: 2035
DA21K: 2119, 2135
DA22K: 2235, 2325
DA25K: 2255
DA30K: 3035
DA34K: 3245, 3250
DA44K: 3225, K7, K9, K404, K480, K483, K484, K494, KE413, KE414, KE424c, KE433, KX414, KX424, KX433, KX434, KX440, KX444
DA47K: SE-47
DA60E: 1135
DA60K: 6035 Smart Phone
DA65K: Passport KPC650
DA80K: Passport KPC680
DA92K: Koi/KX2
DA97U: 160, 860, 1960, 2760, 7135, G4010, G4050, Q Phone

LG / Lucky Goldstar

DA11L: 1010, 1200 (except L1200 camera phone), TM250, VX3100
DA13L: 1300, TD6100
DA22L: KG225
DA23M: 4NE1, 6190, 6340i, AX4700, MM535, VX2000, VX3200, VX4400, VX4500, VX4600, VX6000, VX6100, VX7000, VX8000, VX8100, VX9800
DA25M: 6070
DA25S: 6200, AX5000, CG300, PM225, UX5000, VX5200
DA40S: 245, 3450, 4750, AX245, AX355, AX390, AX490, AX4650, AX4750, C1300, C1500, C2000, CE500, CG225, CU320, CU400, CU500, G4015, G4020, L1100, L1150, L1200, L1400, LX350, LX550, Rumor, Scoop, UX210, UX355, UX390, UX4750, VX3280, VX3400, VX4650, VX4700, VX5300, VX8300, VX8500 Chocolate, VX9400, VX9700 (Dare), VX9900
DA41L: G4010, G4011
DA53L: 5350
110, 510, 520, 5250, VX1, VX10, V111
VX565, VX8600
DA97U: 330, 4010, AX4270, F7200, F9100, PM325, VX3300, VX8700
225, 5000, 5200, GC300


DA99S: G75, G340, T200, T250


DA20M: MPX 220
DA23M: 150, 2288, 2297, A630, A840, C115, C118, C151, C155, C290 (Sprint), C340, E310, E815, E816, E840, MOTOROKR E1, MPX (not MPX 200 or 220), T193, T720, T721, T722, T725, T730, T731, Ultima Series, V120, V170, V171, V173, V176, V195, V200, V240, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V300, V323, V325, V330, V400, V400P, V505, V540, V547, V551, V555, V557, V600, V620, V635, V710, V810, V2397, W150i, W200, W220
DA25M: V235
DA27M: P270c
DA28M: 280, P280
DA55M: W755
DA60M: v60, v60c, v60t
DA61M: v60i , v60v
DA66M: v66
DA71M: 720i
720c, 730c, 731c (CDMA)
DA73M: 720g (GSM), T730g
DA93M: MOTORAZR V3, V3 Maxx Ve, V3c, V3i, V3r and V3xx
A780, A845, A910, C139, C168, C261, C380, C650, E770, E1070, i830, i860, M1000, MING 1200, MOTOKRZR K1m, MOTORAZR V3m and V3s, MOTORIZR Z3, MOTOSLVR L7, MPX100, MPX200, SC3160, T300p, V65p, V80, V180, V186, V188, V190, V191, V220, V325i, V360, W220, W315, X200
P8000 series, StarTac, T7000 series, T8000 series, V3620, V3682, V8160, V8162


DA12X: i60, i90, i95
i530 (ring), i533
i30, i35
DA35X: i305, i315, i325, i355
DA50X: i50, i55, i58, i85, i88
i205 (ring)
DA73X: i710, i720, i730, i733, i736, i740
DA91M: i1000
i285, i800


DA23M: S621
3120, 3310, 3360, 3390
DA33N: 2260, 3361, 3395
DA35N: 3510, 3560, 3590, 3595, 3596, 6010
DA40S: 6215i, 6305i, 6315i
DA56N: 60, 3285, 5100, 6100, 6300 series (except 6305i and 6315i), if back plug is removable, 7100 series
DA82N: 8210, 8270, 8290, 8390, 8800
DA83N: 8260, 8265
DA89N: 8390
DA97U: 1100, 3660, 5140, 6015i, 6230, 6590, 6600, 6620, 6820, 7210, 7610

Novatel / Merlin

DA23M: U720, USB720
DA62V: EX720, S620, S720, U630, U730, V620, V640, V740, XU870
DA75S: G301
DA87S: USB727
DA88S: USB760


DA52S: GT Max


DA21P: EB-TX 210, 220
DA32P: 320
DA68E: G60


DA23M: CDM-180, PN-212, PN-215, PN-218, PN-300
DA40S: PG-C300, PN-205, PN-210, PX-500


DA11L: S105, T300
520, A310, A460, A500, A530, A540, A570, A600, A610, A620, A650, A660, A670, A680, A700, A740, A760, A790, A890, A970, D415, E105, E2309, i600, i700, i730, i830, N150, N240, N370, R225, S307, V205, V206,  V410, V500, V1660, VGA1000, X426, X427
DA31S: E317
E715, P107
DA87S: A727, D807, i607 Blackjack, R510 Wafer, T509, T519
DA97U: 450, 715, A317, A560, A707, A717, A840, A850, A880, A900, A920, A930, A950, B380, B600, C207, C357, C417, D307, D407, D520, E316, E335, P300, P900, P910, R225M, T709, U420, U540, U740, V770, V1400, Vi660, X495, X497, Z510, Z540, Z710, ZX20
DA99S: 300, 850, 8500, A100, A400, M100, N200, N300, N330, N400, T100, T130


DA45S: 4000, 4500 (except VM4500), 4700
DA49S: 4900
DA50S: 5000, 5150, RL7300
DA53S: 2500, 5300, 5400, RL2500
DA62S: 6200, 6400
DA74S: 7400
DA81S: 8100, 8200
DA97U: MM7400, MM7500, MM8300, RL2000, RL4920, VI2300


DA23M: TM150


DA23M: MDA111, PDA 2K, SX66
C35, S35, S46
DA56S: A56, C55, C56, M56, S56
DA97U: C61, SL56

Sierra Wireless

DA40S: PC5750
580, PC3200, PC3220, PC3300, PC5220
595 (except 595U)
300, 350, 440, 550, 555, 595U, 597E, 750, 775, 850, 860, 875, 875U, 881, 881U, PC3320
DA88S: Compass 597, 885

Sony Ericsson

DA27E: 250, 278d, A1228, R280LX, R289LX
DA45S: 200 series, 300 series (except DH388), AH600, AH630, LX7000
T60, T61, T62u
DA68E: 68, 68i
DA82S: GC82, GC83, GC85
DA89S: GC89
DA97U: J220, K310, T616, W810, Z300, Z525


DA99S: PCD 2000A


DA40S: PC5750
PC3200, PC3220, PC5220
DA75S: PC3320
DA87S: UM150
DA97U: PC5740, V640

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