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GO FURTHER on land and sea with Digital Antenna's award-winning antennas and cellular communication products, made in the USA, designed by a dedicated team of engineers and supported by qualified sales professionals and retail partners. Digital Antenna is passionate about manufacturing high-performance products and delivering superior customer service.
Digital Antenna continues to bring you the latest technology – FIRST!
Digital Antenna maintains an exceptionally strong discipline to research, resulting in innovative products that surpass the boundaries of tomorrow's technology. We're proud to have many "firsts" in our history:
  • The first dual band cellular amplifier
  • The first dual band wireless cellular amplifier/repeater
  • The first easy installation mini-connector system
  • The first antenna with a power directing ferrite choke bead

PowerMax™ Award-Winning Cellular Boosters – The solution for poor cell signal reception

Digital Antenna is the only award-winning manufacturer FCC type accepted for 3 watts at 850 MHz and 2 watts at 1900 MHz for all modulations. Our cellular amplifiers and repeaters are the recipients of several prestigious industry awards including: NMEA Top Marine Specialty Product, CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, NMMA Innovation Award and Editor's Choice Award from SAIL Magazine.

Editor's Choice Award from SAIL Magazine

NMEA Top Marine Specialty Product

CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award

Land and Marine Antennas – Unequaled performance you can count on
Our innovative approach to creating exceptional new technology has made Digital Antenna the #1 name in marine antennas. This attention to detail is evident in every aspect of our product development, from engineering and manufacturing to requiring each antenna to be tested and tuned by hand before it leaves our facility. With a range of antennas designed for use on land or at sea, Digital Antenna is the clear choice for maximum durability and performance.

Our manufacturing facility in Sunrise, Florida.
Our state-of-the-art 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Sunrise, Florida.