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Dash-Mount Cable

Dash-Mount Cable
(cable length not to scale)


Use this convenient dash-mount cable to easily connect your cell phone adapter cable to Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ amplifiers, multi-cell phone combiners or cellular antennas. Available in 5' and 12' lengths to allow for convenient placement. The mini-UHF male end connects to our amplifier, combiner or antenna; the mini-UHF female end connects to the cell phone adapter cable. A cap protects the mini-UHF female bulkhead connector when not in use.

All Dash-Mount Cables Feature:

  • Our exclusive low loss, tinned braid, foil shielded, UV stable RG-8X marine cable
  • Factory attached mini-UHF male and mini-UHF female connectors
  • Bulkhead plate and cap


  • 5’ cable length


  • 12’ cable length

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