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Repeater Inside Antenna


Digital Antenna’s dual band cellular 3dB gain repeater inside antenna offers convenient placement and excellent performance. The unique pivoting swivel base and two counter sunk mounting holes allow the antenna to be attached to a wall or flat surface. The included 6' of our RG174 cable lets you install the antenna in a convenient location.

The 135-RD is included with Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ 4KSBR-50U Small Building Repeater System and 4KMR-30U Mobile Repeater System.


  • Pivoting swivel base
  • Counter sunk mounting holes (mounting screws not included)
  • Attaches to wall or flat surface
  • 3dB gain

135-RD Dual Band Repeater Inside Antenna

  • Mount: Swivel base for wall or flat surface
  • Connector: Mini-UHF male
  • Cable: 6' of our high-quality RG174 cable

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