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Slim Patch Vehicle Antenna


Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ dual band cellular slim patch antenna combines versatility and convenience with a high performance antenna. A perfect 50 ohm match assures that the maximum signal is transmitted and received.

When using with our PowerLogic™ Direct Connect Amplifiers, attach the slim patch antenna with the included 3M adhesive strip to the vehicle’s front windshield. The mini-UHF male connects to the amplifier’s antenna port.

When using with our PowerMax™ 4KMR-10A Mobile Repeater System, position the slim patch antenna in the center of the vehicle interior and connect the mini-UHF male connector to the repeater’s inside antenna port. Do not place the slim patch antenna on the windshield or a window when using with the 4KMR-10A repeater system.


  • Strong 3M adhesive strip for secure placement
  • Unobtrusive, low profile design
  • Excellent signal match
  • 3dB gain

CA09P Dual Band Slim Patch Antenna

  • Mount: 3M adhesive strip
  • Connector: Mini-UHF male
  • Cable: 10' of our high-quality RG174 cable

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