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992-MW & 992-MB

992-MW | 992-MB


Utilizing technology designed for military and commercial applications, Digital Antenna delivers our highly advanced 8' Wide Band VHF Antennas to the marine industry. These antennas provide tactical maritime users with a high performance solution for broadband VHF communications.

Featuring a tremendous bandwidth of 134 to 176 MHz, 6dB gain and the ability to withstand continuous RF power up to 150 watts, the 992 antennas facilitate high quality communications across a normally hard to cover band. An exclusive patent pending electrical design with internal ground plane allows the antenna to maintain a low radiation pattern, resulting in exceptional communication capability over a wide bandwidth.

Designed to meet the military’s rigorous MIL-STD-810 environmental engineering testing, as well as typical marine standards for high seas applications, the 992-MW and 992-MB antennas are built to endure environmentally harsh conditions. They are designed for use with a multitude of services including auxiliary civil services, 2-meter amateur radio band, VHF business band, multi-use radio service (MURS), 2-way land mobile, VHF marine radio, narrow band FM, VHF SATCOM, Automatic Identification System (AIS) and NOAA weather stations.

Digital Antenna’s quality components include a 316 grade stainless steel ferrule, soldered brass radiating elements, power directing ferrite choke bead and high-gloss UV stable coating. Manufactured in the USA by skilled craftsmen, our antennas are hand tested and tuned to assure the highest possible performance, quality and durability. Lifetime limited warranty.


  • Broadband 134-176 MHz
  • Withstands continuous RF power up to 150 watts
  • 316 stainless steel ferrule
  • Completely sealed
  • High performance 6dB gain
  • No-solder PL259 adapter
  • Lifetime limited warranty

900 Series: 992-MW | 992-MB

  • Mount: Standard 1”–14 threaded base
  • Connector: Gold factory-attached mini-UHF female with mini-UHF male to UHF male (PL259) adapter
  • Cable: Includes 20’ exclusive low-loss, tinned braid, foil shielded, UV stable DA195 Ultra-Flex marine cable

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