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Ceiling Mount Antenna


Digital Antenna's 433-CM multi-band ceiling mount antenna is designed to be mounted indoors, on a suspended ceiling with either flush or recess mounted ceiling tiles. This innovative 3dB gain antenna adds an attractive, low profile appearance to a repeater installation. Ideal for use with Digital Antenna's PowerMax™ 4KSBR-50U and 4KMR-30U repeater systems, as well as our 2.5 GHz WiFi systems.

This high performance antenna gives 360°coverage in the horizontal plane, with a down directed vertical beam width of 60°.


  • Attractive low profile appearance
  • 360° coverage in the horizontal plane
  • Use with dual band cellular and WiFi frequencies
  • 3dB gain

433-CM Multi-Band Ceiling Mount Antenna

  • Mount: Ceiling
  • Connector: N type female
  • Cable: 1' of our low loss DA240 cable

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