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RG-8X Antenna Cable

RG-8X Antenna Cable
(cable length not to scale)


RG-8X premium antenna cable is ideal for use with 800 and 900 series cellular and 700 series VHF antennas. A popular choice for custom installations, it is available in 10' to 40' lengths.

For an 800 or 900 series cellular antenna, use the included DA624 mini-UHF male to male adapter to attach the antenna to a PowerMax™ cell booster. For a 700 series VHF antenna, a DA645 mini-UHF male to UHF male adapter is needed (sold separately).

For cellular cable runs in excess of 40', use Digital Antenna’s PowerMax™ low loss antenna cables.

All RG-8X Antenna Cables Feature:

  • Factory attached type N male and mini-UHF female connectors
  • DA624 double mini-UHF male adapter


  • 10’ cable length


  • 20’ cable length


  • 30’ cable length


  • 40’ cable length

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