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Yagi 1900 MHz Antenna - 14dB Gain

Model 419-YB

Designed for 1900 MHz bands, this high band yagi cellular antenna features a perfect 50 ohm match for maximum cellular range. Digital Antenna’s high gain, directional, single band yagi antennas offer the most powerful signal pulling power for fixed installations. By focusing their power in the direction of the tower, more energy is captured and noise is blocked, making PowerMax™ yagi antennas ideal for use in very low signal areas. Use with Digital Antenna’s North American amplifiers and repeaters.

Verify the cellular frequency before choosing a single band yagi antenna. Single band yagi antennas can only be used on their specified frequency. If the frequency is unknown, choose Digital Antenna’s 489-DB multi-band directional antenna.


  • Powerful radiators
  • Extremely durable powder coated finish
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Focused power captures more signals
  • 14dB gain
  • Five year warranty

  • Mount: U-bolts for pole
  • Connector: Highest quality type N female
  • Cable: Not included – use PowerMax™ antenna cables

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